Monday, October 26, 2009

Over Here. No wait, over there. No, I like it over here.

Lots of stops and starts today in my doily factory which usually results in not nearly enough of the perpetual to-do list being addressed. I was well on my way to almost getting something done when I realized a certain chair, one I have walked past possibly thousands of times without any problem whatsoever, just didn't look right where it was positioned in the room.

It had to be moved and Right Now. But in order to do that, the bookcase had to go over here and then the desk needed to be turned in this direction. Which meant pulling the rug two feet in that direction.

Where does the time go?

So much for productivity although the furniture arrangement is greatly improved.

I hope you can take a moment to pop over to Sandy's blog. She's doing a great giveaway for this sweet Garden Girl jar and if I win, I'm going to fill it with skittles. Or buttons. Sandy's blog also has a widget that counts down the days until Christmas.
It's 60. 

Seems like plenty of time, doesn't it?


  1. you sound like me in the easily distracted department...I CANNOT be distracted between now and Christmas! I must stay on task....60 days? Come on....

  2. Ah, the strange and wonderful world of OCD. LOVE IT! I'm so easily distracted. It's because we are artsy. Right?! One minute you're doing something menial and constructive and the next, "Hey! There's that piece of lace I was looking for. Now, where did I put that old key and that teeny tattered bit of was here a minute ago..."

    Love, love, love that stocking!

  3. I too, am easily distracted which is probably why I can't seem to complete any projects. I also get overwhelmed by all that I want to do and end up doing nothing. You seem to be doing a good job finishing some projects. I hope I get to make it to All Saints. Going to do my best to get over there. Great job on your blog BTW!

    Hugs to you!


  4. I know the feeling well. The furniture gets rearranged quite often, but sometimes one cabinet has to be cleaned out so I kind find something, and three days later, I still haven't found it but all of the cabinets now need to be arranged. I love the term "doily factory," btw!

  5. Just found you through Sue's Kitchen and had to see what you were up to moving around. I move everything too. Just get a wild hair on the way to the kitchen and before I know it everything's turned upside down and I'm changing it!


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