Friday, October 9, 2009

Other People's Stuff

One of my two etsy shops, PeppermintBark, is filled with vintage things I find. In addition to the 30's and 40's, seems the 60's and 70's are on my radar currently.


I continue to be pleasantly surprised at my thrifting and yard sale scores out this way - I guess there are more people getting rid of vintage stuff than there are people shopping for it.  I don't know how else to explain it when obvious treasure like these gold plastic birds are passed over by other shoppers.
They're headed straight to my etsy shop.

Of course, there's still those occasional duds like the yard sale that thinks it's an antique store. A store that might be called Dirty, Broken & Overpriced Things. Or that other kind of yard sale, More Clothes Than The Duggars Can Use. I have to wonder when I see those mountains of onesies and little overalls how a three year old already has more clothes than I've had in my whole life?

Have a great weekend. Hope you find some good stuff out there. 


  1. Welcome to blogland! It's loads of fun!

  2. Hi! Just popping in from Lisa's blog to welcome you!

  3. Hi Amy! I remember seeing your things on ebay. You always sewed such pretty things. It looks like you still do. I noticed you on Lisa's blog, welcome to Blogland!

  4. Thanks so much for coming over to say hi - blogland seems like a great place to be! -amy

  5. Hi Amy,
    Found you on Lisas blog. Your blog is great!
    Your "staff" is a cutie. And the things you make and find are so good. Love the bright fabrics and the gold birds are a treasure.

  6. Franciscan ware right? I love it.

    I can hardly wait to get back to stocking my store. It's so much fun going treasure hunting. You made me laugh though, with the clothes and the antique stores....been there for sure!

    The Duggars live in our town...they are so thrifty, I bet they don't even have garage sales....they just keep everything nice and re-use it. I do see them at the thrift stores a lot though!

    I'm enjoying your foray into blogging!

  7. Came over from Lisa's blog. How nice yours looks already! I might just be a little jealous! I'm newish to blogging myself. Best of Luck. Love that thermometer, btw.

  8. Welcome to blogland, Amy!!!!! So glad you have a blog now, and we can stay up to date with you and your lovely creations!!!

  9. Strolled over from Lisa's blog. You are a riot! Love the Christmasy things you make and your sense of humor. - Kathy in Chicago

  10. Hey, Amy!
    Congrats on jumping into blogging. Craziness often calls out for company ..... lol!
    Have a fun time!
    Betty :)


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