Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Because vintage Christmas ornament wreaths are better left to the Glue Whisperers

Some of us are born with a hot glue gun in our hand while others of us just end up with a hot glue gun glued to our hand.

Not to mention those hot glue globs and glue strings all over everything.

For me, it starts and ends with gluing two ornaments together.

With glue from a tube.

Several posts ago, you may recall being introduced to these weeble-lookalikes.

They’re slowly morphing into something more recognizable (I hope).

Last year’s model is wearing his homemade hat and humble paper punch buttons.

This year's version features luxurious upgrades including mother-of-pearl buttons and fancy store-bought top hats.

No hot glue required.

Hope you’re staying warm & cozy.

P.S. I bought the top hats from etsy seller Clear Brook Hollow but I think there are several etsy sellers who carry them. The hats measure 28 mm x 17 mm.


  1. These are adorable. I love the upgrade - buttons OY! I know what you mean about the glue gun. Strings and burned fingers - eeeee!

  2. Dang Cute! Love the cardboard milk bottle cap base...clever gal.
    p.s. If you ever need a lesson in glue gun mastery...I think I may get a holster for mine since I use it so much!

  3. You always have such fun posts! And don't worry - many of wish we were a needle and thread master like you are!

  4. They weeble and they wobble...so darling!

  5. They are uber cute. I love them.

    I have a small size hot glue gun. I find it much easier to do fiddly jobs with, but it works just fine on bigger DIY stuff too.

  6. I have many a glue gun scar marking my loss in the battle.Soldier on!Awesome snowmen!!!Thanks for sharing.

  7. Well done. He is super cute...you might just give Laurie a run on crafty. I just wanted to let you know I will be by to pick up my large Santa cut out here in a couple of weeks...lest you forgot! Ha....smiles...Renee

  8. I have SCARRING on my fingertips from my glue gun...and yet I go on;)

  9. They are darling- love the milk bottle caps as a base.

    I have glue gun issues, too- I've had too many things fall apart when the glue shrinks when it gets cold.

  10. Super, super cute!! Where did your find the hats?? They are too cute!!

  11. These are ridiculously cute... Now I know what to do with all of my extra plain Shiny Brites.

    Also, totally coveting those beaded garlands you recently added to your shop! :)

  12. And although I am one of those Glue Whisperers, born with a glue gun in my hand, you did the right thing by not using that kind of glue on the glass balls. It might not have held permanently.....I speak from experience. :)

  13. Those are adorable little guys. I tried a glue gun and had the same issues. I also can't seem to master sewing (yet). I think I'll leave the creating up to folks like you!!

  14. LOL! Hot glue can get out of hand FAST! Love your sweet little snowmen. Adorable.

  15. These are so cute! I have a thrift store that sells old Christmas balls. I need to make some of these! I'll mark your page! Hugs! ♥

  16. Oh, these are so cute. Perfect for Xmas!
    Thanks for sharing this Xmas craft. How many boo boos did you get from the glue gun? So, worth every one!
    xxx Liz

  17. Not sure what I like best, the velvety scarf or the natty milk bottle cap base, or everything in between.

  18. Hahaha! Evil glue guns! Your ornament fellows are really cute:)


  19. Those little guys are so cute!

  20. I love this post. I've linked to it from my facebook page. :)

  21. Brilliant! I love these little folks. I think you're better off with regular ol' glue. I made some wreaths out of vintage ornaments several years ago, used a glue gun, and most of the balls fell off. You sure don't want these losing their heads:-) So cute!!

  22. Where did you buy the hats at?

  23. ffbecky911,

    The hats came from etsy seller ClearBrookHollow and they are the 28 x 17 mm size.

  24. Ha! I think my fingerprints have been burned off by the evil hot glue. Which I suppose could come in handy if I ever decide to pursue that life of crime that I've always dreamed about.
    Your snowmen are adorable. You are so clever, Amy. You've got the crafty, creative thing down pat!
    I'm insanely jealous of your Monticello Christmas show plans. I can't imagine that room filled with all things vintage Christmas. Dreamy! I hate to say that I just passed up a bunch of blue Shiny Brites for $5.00 a box. What was I thinking? Clearly, I was not thinking at all.
    p.s. Christmas has begun at my house, as my new and very gorgeous pillow has found a home on the guest room bed with all its long lost vintage tablecloth pillow cousins.
    p.p.s. Is it rude to write a comment that is really an email? Or a novel?

  25. hi amy!!! awww.....these little guys are soooo handsome! you have such a keen eye for creating!

    just stopping by to catch up on your posts. as always, a bright spot was added to my day with my visit to your happy blog!

    enjoy the day!!

    becky, duhgall and fiona

  26. Love these snowmen! I never know what to do with the plain ornaments...NOW I do!!!


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