Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Day of A Billion Photos

Maybe only half a billion. I lost count.

This post went from being about new items in my etsy shop to now being about the fact I was able to make this photo mosaic with a minimum of cursing and whining. I imagine technical skills come easily for a great many of you and this project may seem as complex as a load of laundry but technology is not always 'intuitive' to me so I consider this be a somewhat 'advanced' personal achievement. Who knows what the future holds? Tomorrow I may learn to use the camera on my phone. Or how to text message. (do I really need to know this?) The doors are opening -- will she walk through them? Stay tuned. Anyhoo -- everything you see in the mosaic will be in my etsy shop by 10 a.m. PST on Thursday, November 12th. (aka tomorrow)

Meanwhile, while on one of my weekly trips to the vet*, I buzzed into the only local thrift shop, a tiny place but one that always seems to have a treasure waiting for me. I didn't find anything I had to keep for myself but did come across a few things for my other etsy shop, PeppermintBark.

Pretty sterling silver candleholders and a red-handled, collapsible egg basket.

I don't know about you but my taste in vintage is constantly changing -- for a while it's all about this and then I'm over this and into that. I've been thinking about this year's Christmas decorations for my house and although the vintage Christmas ornaments passed on to me by my mother will always be a constant, this year I want to mix in different things too. A little vintage sparkle combined with the quieter side of Christmas. I know. What in the world does that mean, right? I'm not exactly sure myself but I have an idea in my head that involves a few more trips to thrift stores (oh darn) for vintage books and if it works out the way I envision, you'll be the first to know.

I'm finishing up my *dream scenario* of a custom order from someone who will have lots of festive vintage Christmas additions to her home this year. She sent me a box FULL of her vintage Christmas cutters with these instructions: "Please make pillows." Woo-hoo! The pink Santa is a peek of one of her pillows-in-progress. I can't help but wonder what else is in her stash!


Here's one more work-in-progess for the upcoming show I'm doing on Nov. 22 in Hood River, OR. Little lavender-filled stocking sachets made from vintage tablecloths. 
And it's like forever until the 22nd, right?

*Vintage Cat requires special cat food amongst other things. Another story for another day.


  1. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Do you think my third graders will mind if check out your Etsy during school? I better not, but I'll check as soon as I can! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

  2. You are better at this than you know! Color me inspired!

  3. I love that pink pillow you're working on, what great fabric! I know what you mean about going through vintage phases, one minute I'm all about vintage copper molds, the next I'm into ruffly pink dishes. I can't wait to see what your vintage quiet christmas looks like!

  4. Congratulations on the picture mosaic. I wouldn't even attempt that myself. Your work is so good!!! Love the little sachets with the pinecones. I collect pinecone things for winter decor. Where in Hood River is the show?

  5. Hi Amy,
    Thanks so much for commenting today on my site! I am so glad so I could find your awesome blog & etsy stores!! wow ~ just got thru browsing through the vintage shop. You are quite the artist! I love it all! Now I'm off to wander through your blog!


    P.s. you said you moved somewhere sunny I hope?? there is a touch of blue sky out right least for the next 20-30 seconds. :-}

  6. I can help you with texting and camera phones (which are handy for snapping quick photos of license plates when some lady driving a big honking SUV rams into your Subaru at a yard sale) (but I digress) but I am afraid to try a mosaic.

  7. Great mosaic...I have never tried to make one.

    Love all the Christmas eye candy :)
    Just wanted to let you know about a the Flea market that I am hosting on my Flea market blog.

    There is about 6 of us so far....starting on Black Friday and running until Dec. 11th...the girls and I are promoting our shops.

    I am the hostess so I have lined up a few advertising spots to increase our visibility.

    Details are on my blog....would love to have you join.

    Off to browse your shops now :)

  8. Details are on my Main blog...


I love this part! Thanks for your comment.