Monday, November 9, 2009

Hanging Out With Ethel

Magpie Ethel, that is. We were both selling our handmade vintage crafts at a show in Portland this past weekend, situated across the aisle from each other. I took a few photos before the doors opened which was a good thing because after that, all I saw of Laurie (aka Ethel) and her amazing spread of vintage Christmas eye candy were the backs of all the customers crowded around her.

Here's a peek at some of the items from my doily factory that were for sale.

And here's a mere fraction of what Ethel had for sale:


Of course, another important part of being at a show is what I bought. I tried very hard to control myself and ended up with a tiny, shiny pile of vintage rhinestone jewelry (perhaps not the best indication of my 'self control' since I don't collect rhinestones although I guess I do now but they were pretty & sparkling and only $2), some vintage greeting card boxes* and a cutesie vintage paper tablecloth.

I also came home with two incredible vintage Christmas items from Laurie but I think I'll share those another time once I get the holiday decor in order at the doily factory. I promise they're worth the wait.

While in Portland, I stayed with my friend Charlie the Greyhound and his family.


I'll be updating my etsy shop later this week so I hope you'll stop in and look around.
Now it's time to do a little unpacking. 

*see 'self control' and 'things I don't collect'


  1. hi Amy, thanks for stopping over to visit me...i LOVE your pillows...and the tea towels you embellished with the vintage lace and tatting are SO gorgeous!!!

  2. Beautiful Booth you had, I wish I could have been there. What fun!

  3. Oh man, how I wish I could have been there! xo, suzy

  4. You know I enjoyed hanging out with you too Amy - only wish we could have been side by side instead of having the aisle between us. Next year flash cards to hold up for communication! Great photos as usual - sigh!

  5. Amy, It was a treat to see you on Saturday! Now I will stop my procrastinating and start packing!

  6. What a beautiful dog!

  7. Hope the show went well for you! Your photos are great.

  8. How I wish our craft shows had ladies like you and Ethel! I saw pictures of Laurie's booth. She must never sleep! your table is super cute. Love your little banners!

    Our local shows seem to have table after table of little old ladies and their plastic canvas wares. I've almost got to the point I won't go anymore....well I say that, but I'll stick it out one more year.

  9. My goodness, next year I'm taking a road trip to Oregon! Between you and Laurie, it would be the perfect show! Like Shelley said, most craft shows around here consist of the plastic canvas creations and dish towels with the crocheted hanger on top. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Just not for me!
    Have a great day!

  10. Oh WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~XXOO, Beth

  11. Hey Amy,

    Did I ever officially thank you for the goodies you sent? If not, thank you so much. I loved seeing your pics of the things you had at All Saints. So wish I could have been there. You got rhinestones for $2.00? Lucky! Please show!




I love this part! Thanks for your comment.