Monday, November 16, 2009

Snail Mail

As much as I love you, Internet, I'm still a little old school and therefore a big believer in handwritten thank you notes, love letters and cards. This year my 'good intentions' are to get started on Christmas cards early so I don't begin 2010 with a stack of blank envelopes and unlicked stamps staring at me.

I'm not sure yet if I'll purchase handmade cards or make my own (or maybe both) but while I'm mulling it over, here's a few of my favorites found on etsy.

Clever little yo-yo-yo card from needletraditions.

Curb appeal brought to us by macaroniandglue.

Perfect for vintage DIY Christmas cards. Thanks psitsinthedetails


Just because I think they're funny. From ReDefinedDesigns.

Schoolbook illustrations reincarnated as Christmas cards from StoriesDivinations.

Who can resist the man in the red suit? Handmade by luckybeepress

I think I might need one of those sponge-tipped-envelope-moistener things.


  1. Wow, those beat the cheapo glittery ones I bought at the drugstore to use this year, hands down!

  2. You may have inspired me to get the creative out...I might just make my own cards this year...and of the parts of the holiday season that I enjoy the most is sending and receiving cards.

  3. Fabulous. What gorgeous cards - I love the one with the house!

  4. Wow! Those cards are so great. Love the simple white with red Santa. Thanks for showing us these cards.

  5. Crafters are so clever! I am constantly amazed at these Etsy shops, and love to shop there.

  6. Cute, Cute! I love the little yo-yo card!

  7. Very cute finds, I love homemade Christmas.

  8. Love the luckybeepress ones. Fabulous.


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