Monday, November 2, 2009

Tall Lady, Come Back!

While my doily factory has definitely been in overdrive as of late, I did manage to shut down operations for a bit on Saturday so I could get some 'fresh air' and 'recharge'.  I headed straight to some thrift stores and estate sales.

Found lots of great stuff and this little piece is one of my favorites. I think it's destined to become a pillow at some point.

After I was done shopping for the day I spotted an estate sale sign on my way to the post office and as Barbara at Oodles and oodles once said, "It seemed silly not to stop."

This was Day 2 of the sale but there were still several treasures to be had and at rock bottom prices including a garage full of furniture I had to pretend wasn't there because I don't have room for any more furniture. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

My first job out of art school was as a designer for a company that made needlecraft kits so I'm always drawn to vintage embroidery and needlepoint. Snow and cottage scenes are my favorites therefore a snow-covered cottage is the mother lode. Love that little curl of smoke from the chimney. Someone wrote 'Sept. 1940' on the back of these.

I paid for these Montana glasses and then promptly neglected to take them home with me (hands too full of other good stuff). I'd forgotten all about them until my neighbor came over, excited to show me what she bought at the estate sale right before it closed ... 'my' Montana glasses!

She too saw them at the sale, was told they'd been sold to a 'tall lady with brown hair' and they were giving Tall Lady a few minutes to return before selling them to anyone else. Fortunately, my alert neighbor assumed I was Tall Lady and re-purchased the glasses for me! 

I just remembered I owe her a quarter. Thanks Neighbor!


  1. Wow, Tall Lady, you found some great cottagey things! I always drool over those needlepoint cottages at antique stores. That's all I can do is drool, because they're too expensive to bring home! And lucky you, that your neighbor was smart enough to make the connection and get those glasses back to you. Sometimes it's been months before I realize I left something behind!

  2. Terrific that your neighbor did that! I love your style over here...

  3. That's a keeper of a neighbor! Great finds, and especially the one from the forties. I'm always drawn to tables. Don't know why. I haven't any room for them. But somehow, tables just "speak" to me and whisper "take me home."

  4. Such a wonderful neighbor you have! I, too, like the needlework scenes, and flowers, and people etc. They have a special charm.

  5. It's great to have a neighbor who knows you so well! Glad to have had a small part in your sale adventures ;-)

  6. What a funny story about the glasses, you were meant to own them for sure. They are stunning too.

  7. I collect needlepoint cottages. I have several now. Wish I could work some sewing magic on your treasure like I know you will. Can't wait to see (I hope) what you do with it.


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