Friday, November 20, 2009

Phase Two

Toward the end of summer I went to one of the best yard sales ever with all kinds of ridiculously great stuff for dirt cheap. It was so good I still occasionally drive by, hoping they might be holding Phase Two. It hasn't happened yet but I'm sure my drive-bys will pay off one of these days. Unless they think I'm some kind of yard sale stalker.

One of the thrilling finds that day included a plastic baggie filled with twenty vintage crystal chandelier teardrops. Looking back, I'm not even sure why that was thrilling since I don't collect these and had no immediate plans for them but there were twenty! of them in perfect condition. For a dollar.

I think that was the thrilling part. I can get worked up over just about anything when it's only a dollar.

Since then, I've been hanging on to these crystals, waiting for inspiration and it finally came to me when I was fiddling around with the rhinestones I bought at a holiday bazaar. 

Here's what I made. Twenty sparkling Christmas ornaments with vintage rayon seam binding bows and vintage rhinestone embellishments.


I bought the seam binding on etsy from FiniRibbon and mattiecakes.

I plan on selling these at the show I'm doing this Sunday, the 22nd, in Hood River, OR at the Best Western Hood River Inn.  Then it's back to the doily factory for a thorough and much needed clean-up & organizing extravaganza (and maybe a nap) so I can begin work on my new ideas for 2010.


Hope you have a thrilling weekend.


  1. Those are stunning! I will be in Oregon but not until Monday the 23rd rats! Good luck on your sales. Hugs, Diane

  2. I got up too early to leave for work so I am just nosing around the Internet and I found your wonderful blog. The ornaments you created are wonderful! Sure hope they sell well for you at your show. What a great way to use old things.

  3. Love your new little ornaments. I would have been thrilled to find those drops for a dollar too. Good luck with your sale this weekend!



  4. oh love love love love love.

    seriously. Every time the kids give me a hard time about saving food or money or coupons...I tell them...DO YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN DO WITH A DOLLAR???


  5. Love these. Just love them! What a fantastic find and a perfect way to use them.

  6. I don't think I could give these up! They're far too pretty!

  7. Those are so pretty! Don't you just love when inspiration hits? And girl, you were hit with a ton of inspiration!

  8. Those really are fabulous. Good luck at the sale - I bet these will be popular!

  9. oh my gosh!!! These are soooooo gorgeous!! It's like winter wonderland with icicles hanging from the tree, what a fabulous idea! so chic!!

  10. I'm glad that light bulb was hanging over your head so you could click an idea! They're beautiful!


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