Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Abundance of Horizontal Surface

This afternoon I had the news on long enough to hear the weather forecaster say "...bringing us wave after wave of cold, damp..."   Um, no thank you? I haven't fully adjusted to the fact it's becoming dark at 4 pm which also means (when combined with wave after wave of cold, damp) there's a very limited window of opportunity to take photos in daylight. Not to mention I'm hungry for dinner entirely too early. I can only wonder how long I'll be asking "Is that clock right?"

Please fasten your seat belts as we begin our initial approach into winter.

The doily factory has added a second shift this week since my first show of the season is this Saturday. I've also expanded the factory's shipping and receiving operations into the dining room where there's an abundance of horizontal surface. At least there used to be.

These tea towels are my newest favorite-thing-to-make. I have an alarming amount of vintage crocheted and tatted pieces that have been patiently waiting for me to 'do something' with them. I got the idea for these towels from those little tatted circles - they look just like flowers to me. I hand-dyed those and most of the other bits and pieces on these tea towels and 'drew' the stems with my sewing machine.

I like them because they're a little whimsical and kind of quirky.  And yet, still vintage. I call them Not Your Granny's Tea Towels (but that might be your granny's doily).

And now a word from the Random Information Dept.
If you're an etsy seller who's curious to know if your items have ever appeared on etsy's front page, check out this website. Click 'Search For Member' and then type in your shop name and it'll tell you if, when and which item made the front page. Is this important to know? Probably not but I like internet gizmos.

Time to start the second shift. This evening's projects include handmade business cards and fabric covered notebooks.


  1. The tea towels are so precious! What a unique idea.

  2. Those tea towels are really pretty, it looks like you found the perfect medium for the little "flowers". Are you going to put any of your fabric covered notebooks on Etsy?????
    I got the Christmas bunting, LOVE IT !!!!!!!

  3. Great idea with the towels and those pillows always make me happy. See you in a couple of days...please don't be raining when we set up!

  4. That is such a great idea for those bits of crochet. (I can't part with them either, but something may have to go.) That polka-dot pillow is my new favorite. It would be mine if not for the fact that every pillow I own ends up at some point in my dog's mouth. (He doesn't chew them - he brings them to us to show his love and devotion. Must be the bird dog in him.) Anyway, some things simply must never be covered in dog drool. Actually, most things.

  5. those tea towels are so cute, and I love that chenille-y fabric on the green pinecone pillow! Also, I would never have thought to use the sewing machine to make the stems but would have labored over them by hand for HOURS, so clever! Can't wait to see the notebooks!

  6. The towels are incredible. Another great way to use up bits of scraps or cutters. I'm wondering where you buy your tea towels. The old ones are so nice.

    Like Amber, I am lovin' the green pinecone & chenille pillow. I'm guessing it's your fave, too. Since it's front & center!

  7. These are positively adorable! Love those little flowers!

  8. Want the green tree with the green fabric! So adorable! Your tea towels are so sweet and you gotta' love the name. Ummm, she asks hopefully, are you putting any of those up on etsy?


  9. Those towels are positively divine! I also like the pillow with the yellow ornaments.


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